Mincing Overseas Spice Company
SPICE,(spis) n. is normally accepted as the seed, berry, or root of the
plant used whole, or ground for its aromatic and flavorful qualities used to enrich and enhance the flavor of food.

                              "Enriching Taste & Improving Flavors"
                                        THE MINCING WAY
  Our Mission
Mincing Overseas Spice Company strives to set industry standards. Our Mission is to be the premier provider of quality spices and herbs to the food manufacturing industry.

  Our Vision
To be the world leader in supplying the finest quality spices and herbs; while focusing on excellence, sustainability & integrity as our core values. Our vision serves as the framework for every facet of our production to achieve sustainable growth.
"Our commitment and responsibility to excellence starts at the point of origin."


Mincing believes commitment and responsibility is necessary to cultivate successful
collaborations, from suppliers to customers. Our partnerships therefore, are built on trust, loyalty
and integrity, which have been developed and sustained over many generations.

Our successful partnerships and effective business practices are key aspects in accomplishing
our Mission; to be the premier provider of quality spices; while setting the framework for our
Vision‘s core values. We are dedicated to product knowledge, product quality, and corporate &
social responsibilities. Our commitment to fair trade practices aims to address principles such
as; community, social, economic, environmental and safe working conditions.

The high cost of bringing a food product to market has made spices comparatively small dollar
expenditure to most companies. However, this minimal cost can make an important difference
in the success of any food product. Natural ingredients and flavors are an increasing concern
with today‘s consumers! The choice of your spice and seasoning supplier has never been more
important. We at Mincing Overseas Spice Company understand the significance of quality suppliers.
We invite you to explore our company, a supplier with the knowledge and integrity, to be your partner in business.

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